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After graduating from the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, Holland in 1995, I immediately started working in Paris as a women’s wear fashion designer for various well-known luxury brands, such as Kenzo, Barbara Bui, Marithé& François Girbaud, Zapa and many others.

Thanks to my diverse experience in the high-end fashion industry, my knowledge of the technical aspects of garment making, and the time I spent in fashion ateliers, I was able to launch my own brand in 2010. The first collections hung alongside designs by Helmut Lang, Karl Lagerfelt and some of the brands I had previously worked for.

In the following years, I realized that it was very difficult, financially, to make large collections each season, so I decided to make tailor-made, luxury attire for special events. Women of all different sizes and shapes were happy to wear my creations. And, it was a privilege for me to dress the famous harp player, Lavinia Meijer, for her state visit to Korea with the Dutch King and Queen and her performances on international stages. I also began designing unconventional wedding dresses, inspired by the unique, distinctive character traits of every bride.

My creations are often inspired by nature and its round, architectural shapes. This allows me to highlight the beauty of the feminine body. The designs often have a futuristic style, which gives women a chic, modern, somewhat edgy look.

Designing beautiful clothes, which enhance women’s natural beauty, is my passion. Each garment has its own story, so every creation is unique, empowering the wearer to make her look and feel beautiful and special.

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